Pastor D.E. Paulk

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D.E. Paulk is a radically inclusive minister of reconciliation. D.E. believes the Christ is present in all of His creation, cannot be defined by, or confined to, Christianity, and has reconciled the world to God through the finished work of grace. The word grace has always been synonymous with D.E. who does not hide Christ behind pointed fingers or pointless religion.
“Descended from generations of Southern preachers, Donnie Earl is now a preacher himself, though a different breed…” -Katherine Marsh from the article “Son of a Preacher Man,” Rolling Stone Magazine
D.E. Paulk not only serves as Senior Pastor of The Cathedral of the Holy Spirit, he is also the founder of the Pro-Love Organization ( which is an inclusive initiative purposed to bring people of all faiths, cultures and backgrounds together. The Pro-Love Organization hosts a yearly march in the city of Atlanta that unites: Jew and Muslim, Gay and Straight, Atheist and Christian, and all others… D.E. believes the Pro-Love Movement is part of the continuation of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s dream.
pro-love, DE Paulk
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Cathedral of the Holy Spirit, DE Paulk

Living Prophet Message on September 14, 2010