Bishop Carton D. Pearson

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Carlton Pearson is blazing a new trail of spiritual leadership on a global scale. With 30 years of celebrated national media exposure, Pearson has demonstrated that he is an esteemed, articulate, and leading authority of the modern Pentecostal church in . With the summer 2006 release of his new book, The Gospel of Inclusion, Pearson is quickly becoming known as “a voice of reason in a world of religious extremes.”

Rejected over the last several years by mainstream Christian leadership, Bishop Carlton Pearson has been declared a modern-day heretic for questioning the teaching of Christian doctrine that promotes a loving God who would sentence billions of people to an eternal hell for not becoming Christian, a discussion which has come to be known as the Gospel of Inclusion.

Pearson began as a favorite on Oral Roberts’ weekly television shows and quarterly contact specials in the 70’s, reaching audiences of up to 60 million. He was rapidly booked nationally as a new talent and began his own ministry singing, preaching, and speaking all over the world. He founded his own organization, Higher Dimensions, Inc., in Tulsa, Oklahoma, which included a local church of thousands. Pearson’s global audience, which numbers in the millions, has been cultivated by continuous appearances on television, radio, and print media, both secular and religious. Pearson is virtually a household name in Christian circles and continues to pioneer and provoke, as he tirelessly promotes God’s love to a hurting world. Pearson has met with Heads of State and Prime Ministers, including three American Presidents and countless other global leaders, celebrities, and political figures.

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